Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Drum Score Editor 2.6 Release Notes


  • Media Studio - animated metronome, record your audio, produce mp4 videos - a new way to communicate with your corps
  • New hotkey alt-b for Beautify, no more searching on the menu for something so frequently used
  • If the count of notes in a selection is an even number, the . (dot) hotkey will apply dot and cut to each pair of notes, previously it only did this if exactly 2 notes were selected
  • The - (minus) key now applies a cut and a dot to pairs of notes when there's an even number in the selection too, i.e. like dot does above but for cut / dot instead of dot / cut, clear as mud eh? Go on, try it you'll see what I mean
  • When generating a new score, if you select a tune type that there's an obvious time signature choice for the time sig piece gets populated for you, you can still override it if you really must
  • Drop down (popup) menu enhancements, cut, copy paste now included on the drop down menu for a selection
  • A new drop down menu that appears when you right click on score background has been added, allowing paste of any notes copied to the clipboard plus the items you usually have to reach up to the Format -> Music top menu for
  • Dependancy on printer drivers removed (except when printing!) one less way for Microsoft to blow up Drum Score Editor
  • Enhanced time signatures - yep 7/16 is a possibility now for our Asturian drumming friends
  • Additional score type of Fanfare in layout generator, saves some typing later
  • Help links to online docs so you can find stuff easier
  • Add watermarks to scores, lots of uses here including tracing distribution i.e. whose copy of the score got posted to a public forum!
  • Add logos and images to your scores
  • https://docs.drumscore.scot manuals updated


  • Duplets in compound time now handled properly, always good to learn something new!
  • On a unison note, that’s dotted, if you exclude the grace notes, the dot doesn’t get the yellow fill - it does now
  • On mac the traditional cmd + now zooms, however the menu says it's cmd =, because actually in this case the mac designers got it wrong, we all actually use cmd = but because it has a + on the key ... oh it's weird let's just say the keyboard now works as expected.
  • Beautify didn't include space for time sigs
  • Messages are now a bit clearer as to why a file doesn't open, especially if you choose it from the most recently used list, and the file was moved elsewhere or deleted - there's only so much mind-reading we can do!
  • Fixed some badly nudged bits of artwork in the icon, more for me than you, was annoying me
  • Made some progress in making the highlight colours work better, they're OK except when you use the inbuilt PDF writer, looks all good on the screen now but man that PDF stuff hurts - if you've got a mac or other add in pdf writers they tend to respect antialiasing directive, the inbuilt apache one doesn't. If this mean nothing it means you don't have this problem!
  • Issue with a quaver being first note in bar in 2/2 followed by a crotchet - tail gets drawn horizontally - well it used to, that's fixed too.

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