Monday, 5 December 2016

Drum Score Editor 2.5 Release Notes

The Robots Are Here

Huge thank you to the global team of beta testers who helped test and refine this great new feature. Firstly, it's only available to those who've purchased a license for Drum Score Editor, as it falls into the category of productivity features.

OK so it's not a real robot, it's a software robot. It watches as you enter and format notes and rests into your score and automatically joins the tails of notes together, i.e. adds the beams between notes. It watches for beat groups and makes sure the notes don't join across those, and also watches for the primary subdivision and makes that a single beam. It doesn't do the single beam thing in the anacrusis as that would be wrong, as it's often only a single beat.

Similarly rests are considered differently from notes, auto beam won't join tails underneath a rest unless you manually ask it to, which reuses the familiar manual method of using the L key, or the popup menu.

As always you can switch it off, for an individual score in it's properties or overall in the preferences if you prefer to manually beam notes.


Also fixed a bug where if you said a text tag was to go below a note, Drum Score Editor would ignore this when loading the score from a file and put it at the top again. It now does as it's told! 

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