Thursday, 27 October 2016

Version 2.4 Release Notes


One big one really - a popup menu when you right click inside the selection. Try it, it should be really intuitive and if it's not please tell me! It's nigh on impossible to remember each of the hotkeys for different actions, as the feature list grows, this makes it much easier, takes a click or two so the hotkeys are still faster, but that's the trade-off for the ease of use.

Importantly though, what happens is the menu only enables the appropriate items depending on the content you've selected. So for example if you've selected bar lines only then it's not going to allow you to add a flam ....

The other important thing is an item on the menu is check if any of the contents of the selection are, i.e. if you select a bunch of notes and one of them is unison, the unison menu item will be checked. If you uncheck it, it will remove unison from those notes that are unison.

It's worth pausing and considering how this differs from selecting all the notes and using the 'u' key, to the button on the panel on the right. The behaviour there is toggle on or off the unison status of all the notes, i.e. those that were not unison would become unison, and those that were unison have it removed.

Having the menus behave differently is useful as it covers both needs, e.g. you've coped and pasted a bunch of notes, some of which were unison to another line, and on the other line it's a second time through so you want to remove the unison. With the toggle approach you have to select each range of unison and toggle it off, with the menu you can select the lot and just uncheck.

This was specifically requested as a feature, as was a kind of paste special which didn't paste attributes like unison - both of these are addressed this way.


  • There wasn't any undo capability on the tie to bar end feature, there is now.
  • With the toggle keystrokes and buttons in the panel on the right, you can add a triplet over exactly the same notes that are in a regular tie - not really a need for that - I've not removed this from the keystrokes, but the menu system above stops that happening.
  • When we generated a 3/4 march score it had too many bars. Sorry, we count correctly now.
  • Common and Cut Common time signatures weren't aligning on the staff lines properly, also made the time sig and tune type text in the top left look misaligned - because it was. All fixed.


  1. Hey great! One thing I would suggest to add to the right-click setup: Currently, if there is nothing selected, right-click does nothing. Perhaps it could bring up the Format->Music menu (or as many of its options as are appropriate). Similarly, right-clicking on a piece of text could bring up the Format->Text menu.

  2. Great feedback Owen, will add that in. Also been asked to think about a single click selecting just the element it's over.

  3. Hmm, one thing to be wary of there is when you make a single click to deselect something. If your aim is to have nothing selected, you don't want to have to be careful about where you're clicking.