Thursday, 20 October 2016

Testing Guidance for Drum Score Editor 2.3

Rambling Preamble for Drum Score Editor 2.3 Testing

What is this place?

For anyone landing on this post by accident, it's purpose is to help provide guidance to those kind folks who've opted to test version 2.3 of Drum Score Editor before I update all the website links and documentation. Anyone is welcome to test this software, all I ask is you confirm to me any issues, if it worked ok, whether you did it on an Apple Mac or Windows PC and which version of macOS or MS Windows you installed on.

Why are you providing so many words this time when prior it was the Nike approach (Just Do It)

This version of the software integrates fully in the desktop, meaning it associates the file extension .ds with Drum Score Editor. This has required a slightly different experience to the install on Windows for this one time only. Mac is no different from before, but for both platforms you get the ability to click on a drum score file in File Manager (Windows) or Finder (Mac) and it will open it in Drum Score Editor.

It also means you'll see the .ds files with the now famous Drum Score Editor icon attached and they'll be described as "Drum Score Editor File".

What about licensing?

A quick foreword, Drum Score Editor runs on Windows and macOS. There are separate install instructions for each platform below. If you've already run Drum Score Editor on the system you're testing on, and have previously kindly purchased a license to unlock the productivity features, then that license key will be applied automatically to this version when you install.

If you're installing on a new system, and have a license key on a previous system, you can retrieve it by logging in to your account on

If you never knew there was the ability to help support the project financially by buying a license, you absolutely don't need to, the unlicensed version runs perfectly well, isn't crippled or time limited in any way and is perfectly functional for writing scores.

However you can create an account and download a license on the said website. You get a bunch of advanced features which make life a lot easier if you're writing up scores. It's not expensive, GBP 15.00 (which for all the non-UK residents this is now mega cheap given current exchange rates). I've had so much feedback that I should charge more but this isn't a money-making venture, I'm just trying to cover costs, I give my time developing and support this for free.

I've not used Drum Score Editor before.

If you've never used the software before I suggest a quick look at the documentation pages on and email me, for a quick session on how to get started quickly.

Enough, tell me how to install this stuff!

macOS (aka Mac OS X)

Mac users will know how the install works. It's consistent with every software install on macOS, it comes in a DMG file which you download from above, Finder will mount it as a volume and you get window asking you to drag the software onto the Applications folder. 

Just drag it across and say yes to overwrite any previous version. The app is digitally signed so you don't need to faff with gatekeeper settings or anything, it's a validated Mac app. If you want to go back to a prior version they're all in the s3 folder above, so version 2.273 would be

Once installed you can launch like any mac app, through finder, launch pad etc, cmd-space etc.

Microsoft Windows

I recommend that if you have a previous version of Drum Score Editor installed that for this one upgrade, you manually uninstall it. Reason for this is we now install in C:\Program Files (x86) where everybody expects to find software, rather than in the user local profile and I've not found a way to automatically uninstall from a different location I'm installing to. I'm sure it can be done, somehow, but I've not discovered it yet. If I figure it out before testing has finished we'll be in a better position for all the other folks who will use it.

Because it's Windows and we're installing in Program Files with admin permissions, we need to care about people doing nasty things like hijacking installers to carry viruses and other malicious code. When you run the installer, Windows will ask you if you want to allow the Drum Score Editor installer to run as admin - you have to say yes to this if you want to install it, however it should tell you that the Publisher of the software is verified as Alan White. If it says anything else you should cancel as somebody has passed you a dodgy copy. This also protects you in case anyone hijacks my website or installer locations too.

The installer will ask you the location to install, please just accept the default, it will only ever ask this the first time you install Drum Score Editor because we're putting it in a new location. Future version installs will just know where to put it!

Click through and Finish. You will find there's an icon on the desktop to make it easy to find in amongst the plethora of stuff Microsoft sticks in those menus.


Please feel free to ask me any questions or tell me if something didn't work how you thought it should and so on. Either by email to or use the Facebook page, or send a carrier pigeon. Always happy to help.

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