Thursday, 20 October 2016

Steam powered PC

Steam Powered PCs, aka Windows XP

It's not been possible to install and run Drum Score Editor on XP for some time. Hopefully not surprising as it's a modern piece of software that's regularly updated and Windows XP is not - it's not been available for years however a lot of people still have it - millions in fact, it's more popular than macOS still apparently!

Anyway if you try to install Drum Score Editor it all goes well then blows up at the end saying not a valid program or words to that effect.

So here's the scoop. This is the packaging only. The packaging technology that created the installer etc is new, newer than XP and I can only presume the guys that wrote it didn't cater for XP because of it's age.

I like a good investigation and finally found a way to be able to run Drum Score Editor on XP. It's not pretty but hey if you're still running old stuff like XP you are used to not pretty! In my humble opinion ... :)

In summary, the trick is to install java from the oracle web site, and then use it to run the underlying jar file that is shipped in Drum Score. So what does that mean to a non-geek?

Browse to: and select JRE download on the right. Accept the license and choose the i586 windows download.

Run the installer it downloads and reboot your XP machine. Then open a command prompt, and prove to yourself it now works:

cd c:\"program files"\DrumScoreEditor\app
java -jar DrumScoreEditor-2.3.jar

Boom - it will work. Now it will look like it works but there's one more gotcha. You have to have a printer of some sort installed on the XP machine - it doesn't physically need to be there, you just have to make sure XP has at least one printer entry, otherwise nothing happens when you try to create a new score, and every time you try to load an existing one it says "doesn't look like a score file".

The reason for this is there needs to be a printer there to validate page sizes against, Drum Score has to do this to get the dimensions correct - I might be able to do away with this, find another way to do it I mean, but that's more development.

If you want to be really clever you can create an icon on your desktop with a shortcut to run Drum Score without having to type all that above:

On the desktop right click and choose new shortcut
In the Target box type exactly: "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_111\bin\java.exe" -jar DrumScoreEditor-2.3.jar
(OK a more complex bit here, this assumes the latest version of java is 1.8.0_111, you may need to replace that with the version that installed, just check what is in the Program Files\Java folder.)
In the Start In box type exactly: "C:\Program Files\DrumScoreEditor\app"
Hit OK and then just clock on the icon and you have Drum Score Editor.

This is all a bit geeky and techie but it's the best there is at the moment to enjoy Drum Score Editor on Win XP. The alternative is trade up your PC I'm afraid :/

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