Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cut that out!

Sometimes you think you've got a complete understanding of written pipe band drum music and then sometimes you question yourself. Within Drum Score Editor some effort has gone in to making certain things automatic, rather than the editor of the score having to think about individual little things. E.G. how many beams go back, which way the cut goes in dot-cut, cut-dot situations.

That particular conundrum I thought I'd cracked a while back, but today somebody pointed a situation where Drum Score Editor doesn't behave itself properly.

Consider the phrases above, the first is correct, if we cut the note and follow by a dot, the cut is drawn correctly going forward toward the dotted note. In the second phrase it doesn't, it insists on drawing back the number of tails that the note has that exceed those on the prior note.

Looking at the 3rd phrase, which is musically identical to the second, Drum Score Editor behaves itself. This identifies the issue as being when a note is beaming back to a prior note, the logic used is incorrect.

As a quick workaround today, editors can drop the beam back from the misbehaving note. In the meantime I'm adding some logic to the code that is a simple rule: if the note is beaming back to the prior, and the prior note is not dotted, then the note should look forward to calculate how many excess tails it has, and draw forward appropriately.

This doesn't change the existing logic that says if the note isn't beaming back always consider forward.

Probably time for a complete refactor of all the logic for beams and cuts, similar to the overhaul unison logic and drawing received in version 2.7, however that will take some effort so for the interim watch for a version 2.73 in the next few days, time permitting.

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