Monday, 28 March 2016

Unify the unison!

Drum Score Editor has always supported unison with either a line above the notes or highlighting with a colour you can specify. It worked out that if you marked two notes next to each other as unison, you would normally mark that as either a continuous line above or mark like a highlighter pen between them.

As the software became more widely used it became clear it wasn’t just a simple case of whether a note was a unison note or not. What if it’s a stroke roll but you only want the strokes in unison but not the rolling in between? That’s when short unison was introduced, by selecting the stroke which starts the roll, making it unison (the u key) and then using shift-u, it becomes marked as short unison, i.e. just the tap gets included in the unison.

Just finished the code that adds yet another option! So cast thoughts of rolls aside for now, what if you have a stroke which has swiss rough on it, what if you want the stroke to be in unison but not the grace notes which make the swiss rough? Well the only way to do that was to mark out the notes as regular notes on the staff and only make the desired note unison.

Then the request came in to make it so you could use the regular swiss rough notation and only include the main note in unison. OK, so be it, option introduced.

Now shift-u doesn’t just switch on or off short unison, it cycles between all the possible options for unison, i.e.

  • Grace note included and full unison
  • Grace note included but short unison
  • No grace note in unison, with full unison
  • No grace note in unison, and short unison
  • Back to the top again!
The eagle eyed will spot that if you have no grace note then shift-u will appear to work exactly like before ... that was the deliberate cunning plan! That way it won't be a big deal to most people but for those who really want the grace notes removed from a unison stroke and don't want to write it long hand, well you'll have an option.

Will be available in versions after 2.23.

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