Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Version 2.2 - Release Notes

Drum Score Editor version 2.2 is here! 


The major changes are as follows:
  • Ability to add tenor symbols as recommended by EUSPBA
  • Double dot of notes and rests
  • Size of score on screen matches physical paper size shown (at 100% scale)
  • Ties for rolls are drawn underneath accents
  • .ds always added to filename
  • New score preferences saved
  • Software license status reported at startup
  • Numerous bug fixes and optimisations

Tenor Symbols

All the symbols as specified by the EUSPBA can now be placed on a score. This includes regimental and traditional piano movements which are created by selecting the notes / rests over which they are to be executed and using the toolbox buttons on the right.

It is well understood that there are many variations of tenor symbols, with no complete standard in use anywhere, the EUSPBA symbols are the only documented standard found to date but even they are not a complete list.

Given the infinite number of possibilities of markings and symbols, some of which are only understood by sometimes a single corps, a more complete strategy for musical notation for tenors is needed.

Double Dot

Notes and rests can now be marked as double dot in length. This is achieved by selecting the note and using shift and the dot key together, i.e. shift-. There is no button in the toolbox for this. 

Physical Size

Drum Score Editor now implements a "what you see is what you get" approach more fully. If a paper size of A4 is specified, the size on the screen is the correct physical size of the paper. This is dependent on the graphics card on your system accurately reporting it's dimensions and dots per inch - I expect there will be some setups where this won't hold, in which case using the zoom function on the toolbar manually will be required.

Roll Ties

As of this release, Drum Score Editor will draw ties between notes which are not marked as being for an irregular group underneath where accent markers are drawn. Such ties (sometimes called binds or slurs) are usually to indicate a roll movement.

To override this behaviour and revert to the prior approach of all ties being drawn above the accent markers, set the score properties options to uncheck the setting.

Licensed users can set a preference for all new scores generated to override the new behaviour too,

Filename Always Suffixed With .ds

When the File -> Save As ... menu item is used, if you provide a filename that doesn't end with .ds, Drum Score Editor will automatically add it. If it adds a .ds suffix and detects that a file with that name already exists and would therefore be overwritten if it continued to save, it reprompts you provide the filename, suggesting the newly suffixed filename. This is so you then get a chance to actually explicitly say you want to overwrite that file.

Set Preferences For All New Scores Generated

This is a new feature available to licensed users only. It allows you to set the options that Drum Score Editor will use when generating new scores, e.g. type of note head to use, where to draw roll ties, the author name, band name, highlight colours to use etc.

The complete list of features for licensed users is now:
  • Rudiment Libraries - save your favourite phrases, organise them and use them over and over
  • Clone staff line - make a complete copy of the staff line the cursor is on, includes all notes etc
  • 1st & 2nd time workflow - turn the current staff line into a 1st time and generate a new 2nd time line, adjusting bar markers and adding text as needed.
  • Export as PDF/JPEG/PNG/SVG - create easily emailed files or graphics for embedding in other software e.g. Word, web sites etc
  • Workspace Preferences - remembers the placement and size of Drum Score on your screen between sessions, also if you've moved toolbars around
  • New Score Preferences - allows user to preset values for all new scores generated
  • Sense of satisfaction that you've contributed financially to supporting Drum Score Editor

Bug Fixes

Too many to be useful to list here. Some of the more recent ones are:
  • New score button launches generate score workflow instead of creating blank page
  • Export as PDF now create PDF with same physical sizes as specified paper size
  • Overlaps in coloured highlights in PDF files fixed
  • Export as JPG tooltip corrected
  • Format text menu items now reflect selected item state when opened
  • Rests were being painted in white instead of black in selection and rudiment library images
  • Paste of rudiment library items involving irregular groups not scaling tie properly
  • New text areas not respecting specified default font & size property
  • 12/8 scores being generated with too many bars per part
  • Undo was allowing elements of scores loaded from file to be undone
  • Other minor fixes

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