Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Next Level

Some really great drummers saw the software last night for the first time. The feedback was great, really positive, especially the more natural way notes are added and managed compared to the other 2 known pieces of software that create drum manuscripts for pipe bands.

One of the key pieces of feedback was don't stop to pretty it up. Get the functional pieces working at this stage, then go for the next level, i.e. the score capture capability. Apparently others have claimed they were writing software such as this years ago but it's never appeared. I can understand why, this is so much more complex to implement than the high level concept suggests.

It's now time for research again. I've been recommended the Roland TD12 as the right drum pad to capture strokes, it's allegedly good enough to differentiate buzz type strokes as opposed to taps. The other thing that would be useful initially would be ones that can differentiate the weight of the stroke, i.e. how hard it's been hit. We'll need 2 pads, or a pad with 2 separate capture areas, as unless we want to investigate electronics in sticks, I can't think of another way of detecting which hand a stroke has been played with.

Initial trawl shows up http://www.homerecordingnow.com/electronic_drum_pads.php, which has a great index to a number of products. My hopes are high that I'm not looking for something so esoteric that it either doesn't exist or is so expensive it's not viable.

Alesis have a product which looks like a capture only device, which outputs midi signals from 8 different pads. Makes me think if you could learn to hit the top row of pads for buzzes and the bottom row for taps then even if it doesn't understand you could achieve the end goal! Given I don't know enough about MIDI and drum interfaces, that's probably the best place to start. I mean is there even a Java MIDI interface? Yes, time to get immersed in the Java Sound API!

Going deep, back when I've learned something!

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