Friday, 17 August 2012

One more push

Been coding away like mad. To be fair this post is more for me to list what needs doing before someone can start to play with the app. The current work package is ensuring that if someone saves a file with a score they've made, then when it is read in they've not lost anything. Before this we've been using Java serialisation - ok for testing but if you want to persist the score and continue coding then serialisation is no use as the objects when read in will bear no resemblance to the current ones. Saving as XML and more importantly how the XML is read back in, allows us to increment the software.

This is pretty much complete with one exception - ties (or binds or grouping depending on your preference). Haven't figured out a design for storing them as XML at the moment. Got an idea, just need to work it through.

Then we are still missing:

  • Cut, Copy & Paste
  • Undo
  • Drag and Drop between windows (low priority for me)
  • Irregular groupings - most of the code is there, just need to finish it
  • Rests - large omission, as most scores have a rest in them!
  • Do something more meaningful with the Properties variable (score, author, version, defaults etc)
  • Toolbar buttons to make entering widgets easier
  • Fixing file open so it doesn't pop a new window
  • Fixing the exit without saving logic
  • Dragging selections around, keyboard is very slow as it's pixel by pixel

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