Monday, 6 August 2012

DnD and out

Final straw. Java Drag And Drop support is now getting completely removed from the app. I'm struggling with a scenario where I get an array out of bounds exception from Path2D, but only after a DnD operation, if the Path2D hadn't been used before and some other hokey conditions.

Now, having moved to MacOSX to continue I find the various Aqua UI components aren't serializable. Folks it should be very simple - people will want to drag components around, why is this so messed up. All my objects are serializable, some of the mac l&f components aren't and I now suspect bits of the Java2D libraries struggle with this too.

I always suspect myself first, i.e. taking the stance "it's probably my lack of knowledge somewhere" rather than "the tried and tested compliers/run time/operating system is flawed". I'm not spending any more time on trying to figure this out. DnD and it's initial lack of scaling support shocked me, I'm not fighting with it any more, am coding around it.


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