Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year again!

This has to be the year that something usable can be shared with a select few to refine the workings! I'm hoping it's only a matter of weeks before that happens. What "must" go into the first release that isn't there already?

  • Undo management
  • Ability to save scores and load them up again later!
  • Point size interface for notes component
  • Simple Swing text component
  • Artwork and classes for grace notes
  • Sort out menus and actions as needed
  • Artwork and classes for rests
  • decisions on ligatures where bidirectional and shorter note (it's a current bug)
Very nearly there! Famous first words for 2012

1 comment:

  1. So holidays became a priority and so nothing has completed. Work has started on the grace notes rendering but there's a longer way to go than I thought, as usual!