Saturday, 5 November 2011

Selection Shmelection

I think I've got it now. I was getting too bogged down in how to integrate menus into managing the contents of the component. Ignoring all that now - as long as I use actions as the basis of all change then I can figure out menu integration with those later - just concentrate on the component itself and it's keyboard and mouse interface. May have to include a state table to manage whether the actions are disabled or not at any given point - parked!

I have a new found respect for properly trained software engineers who write GUI components. Wishing I'd actually taken some formal training on this, rather than trying to learn by just reading loads of articles on the web. There's actually so much to take in to do this properly, and as none of my formal programming training was in GUI / desktop / UI etc the right way to structure and approach the multitude of problems is very confusing to try and figure out.

I've still got to figure out Undo Manager integration with the component, that dreaded drag and drop API, CCP (copy cut paste), then there's the whole zoom scaling problem which Java provides broken support for too - you'd think if you scaled the drawing it would scale the mouse co-ord for you too, right? Any clues on that one mightily appreciated - when the time comes to tackle that again!

Onwards ...

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