Saturday, 12 November 2011

Data Model Optimisation

Going really well building out capability within the JMusicComponent, however as features are added, it becomes clear that a more experienced GUI programmer would have used a different data model. I can see now that adopting almost a traditional database approach would work, now that the access paths to the data become clearer to me.

I'm not stopping development now to rewrite the data model and access methods - don't get me wrong, I really feel like I should as when I was being taught programming, the most efficient was of doing things was a must, or the programme would potentially be useless, however in todays age of comparatively extremely powerful processors, I'm surprised at how responsive the programme still is despite lot's of serially scanning arrays on many keystrokes.

Because of that, and a statement I made this week that I'd have a working prototype up and running this winter, I must prioritise adding function rather than optimising what already works. I'm looking to get some basic, but enough functionality up to start using the keyboard drumpad idea as an input device, ie go straight from drumstroke to score. I think the way this code is structured it will really lend itself to multiple different solutions with it that really differentiate.

That needs proving, so onwards!!

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