Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Embarrassed to say ...

this is the first post this year. Meaning I've done very little to take this project forward in 9 months. The good news is the break has done my sanity some good and it hasn't taken long to get back up to speed with where I was.

The JMusicComponent is now managing multiple JStaffAreas (each containing a single staff line for pipe band drumming), and there's an array of JStaffElements sitting nicely on the line's they have an affinity to (rather than being contained within - that's important given the way notes interconnect with slurs - think this will be much easier to work with).

The to do list now looks like this:
  • ensure placement of notes and bar lines on a staff line are maintained as percentage of total line length, so that when the user increases (or decreases) the length of the line, the notes space themselves out appropriately
  • Implement UI gestures to trigger actions for creating and deleting staff lines
  • Implement the concept of selection of notes, and actions targeted upon those selections
Onwards ....

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