Sunday, 19 December 2010

Falling into place

It's starting to feel like a real application now. I have the layering of components right I think, keyboard focus moving as needed, mouse listeners behaving as they should for their components, menus and actions coming together. Still got to get popup menus happening and making the menus on the menubar context-sensitive, i.e. disabling or even hiding entries not appropriate for the current context.

The drawing components are all resizable, and drag and droppable, although I still have reservations about Java in the space, the DnD interface seems out of place. Also started doing some of the development on a linux vm, having started on Mac OS X. Some differing behaviours which will need sorting at some point but I don't see linux as a tier 1 target OS. Most drummers will be Windows or Mac.

Time to review the to-do list .....

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