Saturday, 6 November 2010

Keep it standard pays

The todo list is now vastly reduced for this first baseline app. Going to skip snap to grid for now, the AWT DnD implementation is now becoming a restriction in terms of snap to grid and zoom using AffineTransform. Will implement the rest of the app and ponder hard rewriting the DnD implementation. So still to do:

  • create ability to constrain the component resizing to certain directions only
  • create ability to always retain aspect ratio when resizing a component
  • implement image resizing within image component (retaining aspect ratio)
  • allow drop of images from external sources
  • implement paper size metrics etc, borders / gutter et
  • implement export action, with pdf initially as only target, maybe png too?
  • implement app preferences handling, saving to user dir etc (paper type, fonts blah)
  • implement splashscreen on startup
  • figure out packaging, e.g. jar, mac app etc

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