Friday, 8 October 2010

Dragging and Dropping

Cooking with gas now I think. Just implemented Java DnD in the template GUI app. Glad I wrote one of those as it's easier to model and try new techniques in something thats lightweight compared to the drumscore code. In fact, what's becoming obvious as I model ways of doing things is I can simplify the original code now I understand better how to use the facilities of Java and Swing. I'm not feeling very charitable toward the original code I was using as inspiration as it avoided using many of the native features and tried to slavishly follow MVC when Java / Swing doesn't lend itself to that paradigm.

I can feel some slashing and cutting through the drumscore code soon to grossly simplify. And I must stop getting distracted by trying to Apple Mac everything - must stick to the discipline that says write the basic app then add the bells and whistles. Discipline? Huh!!

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