Friday, 29 October 2010

and this means I need to do what exactly!

I have to document this here, otherwise I lose track of all the todos and tasks in the code - must look at eclipse task management stuff one day.

Next steps:

  • refactor component names to be PageLevelComponent (for ease of reading)
  • implement drag lock switch in the page level component
  • implement menu to toggle page layout mode (View -> Page Layout maybe)
  • implement border highlighting on main view panel when in page layout mode
  • implement snap to grid for page level components when in page layout mode
  • implement page level component border visibility based on mouse enter / leave when in layout mode
  • create ability to constrain the component resizing to certain directions only
  • create ability to always retain aspect ratio when resizing a component
  • implement image resizing within image component (retaining aspect ratio)
  • allow drop of images from external sources
  • get default serialization working for a score (save/restore the view)
  • get File -> New / Open, Save, Save As ..., Close menu actions working
  • implement drag images when DnDing, or at least the right size rectangle
  • figure out DnD cursors, only works on copy rather than move at the mo'
  • implement paper size metrics etc, borders / gutter etc
  • get a print infrastructure working (delivers PDF out of the box on a Mac)
  • implement export action, with pdf initially as only target, maybe png too?
  • implement app preferences handling, saving to user dir etc (paper type, fonts blah)
  • implement splashscreen on startup
  • figure out packaging, e.g. jar, mac app etc
Enough to be getting on with? Should mean the whole app infrastructure is in place up to the page level components. What's left after that is the interesting musical notation bits, which, when it comes down to it, is when we will have something beyond the extensible doc handling app the above should deliver.

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