Friday, 9 April 2010

Coming together

Abandoned my hand-crafting of zooming the view when my knowledge levels got sufficiently high to understand AffineTransform. Now all the drawing bigger or smaller is handled by the graphics library. Some tricky bits around scaling the drawing canvas and margins etc but all done now.

Things on the to-do radar include:
  • configure text item dialog box (bold, underline etc)
  • pop-up menus (right click)
  • more work around constraining movement of text adornments, still "sticky" in places
  • file open / save dialogs and code (will we use xml as the format????)
  • new score dialog, let's discuss!
Currently a new score is created blank with only one feature - the title text adornment. Question is do we want the user to manually insert staff lines or an initial dialog which lays out the number requested? My opinion is we code up context sensitive menus which allow insertion of new bar lines. The Insert menu item can be created for the top level menu too, inserting a new staff line at the start of the list if empty or before the current active staff line, i.e. the insert point is before the current object.

You'd expect a replace functionality too, ie if a whole staff line was selected, then a new one would replace it. Not sure that's important as you're unlikely to want to lose the contents of an existing selected staff line. Must go and look at my music theory notes too as I want to get the names right.

Also prominent by omission is the ability to choose portrait or landscape. That's just a code it up issue, i.e. if it's one and you want to go to the other do you shrink / stretch spacing between notes as appropriate? Probably not that many lines of code but it's going on the laterz list.

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